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Septic to Sewer

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  • Goal was to prioritize based on physical and environmental factors to determine the feasibility of incorporating replacement into the 10-year Capital Improvements Plan
  • Wastewater septic tank and drainfield disposal system replacement within Martin County Utilities primary service area
  • Studied 11 areas remaining from the 2001 study and 13 additional areas in Martin County
  • Ranked 24 neighborhoods to determine best option to facilitate replacement (ie., utilizing gravity sewers, grinder pump services or vacuum sewer systems)
  • Grants/ State Appropriations for Septic Tank Elimination were obtained
  • Septic tank replacement is currently underway for 3 local communities listed in the study
  • Town of Sewall’s Point is pursing grant funding to for a Septic to Sewer project that evaluates options to remove approximately 1,000 septic tanks to benefit the Indian River Lagoon

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