| Port St. Lucie, FL

Eastern Watershed Improvement Project (EWIP)

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2008 Tropical Storm Fay produced 14 inches of rainfall in a 24-hour period causing substantial flooding. US Highway 1 was under water for more than 24-hours.

  • Conducted a drainage study of over 4,000 acres of developed land, analyzed canals, piping, two major storm water pump stations and calibrated computer models against high water elevations
  • Evaluated multiple combinations of alternate improvements, to determine the most cost-effective combination to provide the desired stormwater management level of service
  • Prepared engineering design and construction plans for 16 areas of proposed improvements and obtained permit approvals through SFWMD and ACOE
  • Obtained $1.5 million in construction grants to assist with the $14 million in construction costs

Other Projects

All American Blvd. Ditch

Palm City, FL
  • Old Palm City Water Quality Improvement project
  • Creation of a channel redirecting into 1,750 LF of pipe and swale system to convey runoff to a retrofit Stormwater Treatment Area prior to discharging through a downstream weir
  • Design, permitting with Martin County, SFWMD and ACOE, utility coordination, grant funding assistance, land swap coordination, bidding and CEI services
  • Significant improvement providing flood protection for Homes and Roadways

Tropical Farms Water Quality Retrofit

Martin County, FL
  • Stormwater Management improvements for residential and rural areas totaling 1,915-acres
  • Included wetland creation, restoration of existing wetlands, and a park with boardwalks and walking trails
  • Performed post-construction water quality monitoring program, which illustrated excellent nutrient load reductions
  • Roadside Swale over Storm Pipe provides water quality treatment storage
  • TMDL and St Lucie Rivers Issues Team Grants

McCarty Ranch Water Quality

St. Lucie County, FL
  • City of PSL Water Quality Restoration at McCarty Ranch is an alternative water storage demonstration project (water farm) for retention, storage and diversion to reduce discharges into the St. Lucie Estuary and the Indian River Lagoon
  • McCarty Ranch Water Farm converted abandoned citrus groves into shallow storage areas to divert excess water from the SFWMD C-23 Canal
  • Test project for ground water recharge and evaporation
  • Grants: TMDL/ State Appropriations
  • Design, permitting, Post Design Services