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Manatee Creek

The Manatee Creek Basin area had historical flooding and was considered one of Martin County’s most needed water quality projects. CAPTEC designed and permitted a multi-phase stormwater retrofit project to provide water quality and flood attenuation for the approximately 833 acres of land that Manatee Creek serves. As a result of the project design and construction, over 75 residences have been removed from areas of flooding for the 100 year storm event and over 20 acre-feet of water quality treatment volume have been provided for the area. The project utilized the area that was previously occupied by a wastewater treatment plant facility that was decommissioned and converted it into a Stormwater Treatment Area that includes wetland type vegetation for additional nutrient uptake prior to discharge to downstream areas through a control structure and overflow weir.

This project was also designed to remove sediment and suspended solids from Manatee Creek which discharges into an environmentally sensitive preserve area with eventual outfall into the Manatee Pocket.