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Fern Creek Basin - Coral Gardens Basin Retrofit

With a combined acreage of 3,450 acres, the Coral Gardens Basin/Fern Creek Basin Stormwater Quality Retrofit Project utilized a multi-phase and multi-basin approach to provide additional water quality treatment and flood attenuation for surrounding and previously developed areas.

By combining the project construction of the adjacent 325 acre housing development, Martin County was able to take advantage of the cost savings made available by a Private/Public Partnership and construct a High Stage Overflow that would allow the stormwater from the Coral Garden’s Basin to overflow into the below capacity Fern Creek Basin when canal stages rose above a control elevation.

The project also involved the design and construction of two Stormwater Treatment Areas and multiple control structures to provide additional water quality treatment and attenuation of stormwater during major storm events.

Advanced hydrology and hydraulic analysis allowed the development of a stormwater model that CAPTEC used to determine the capacity of the flows that the basin interconnect would convey in order to alleviate the flooding in the basins, determine the amount of water quality treatment that could be provided in the two Stormwater Treatment / Attenuation Areas without impacting upstream areas, and determine the levels of flood protection provided to the residents and businesses within the basin, while reducing the rate and quantity of discharge in the South Fork of the St. Lucie River.