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CAPTEC Engineering, Inc.
301 NW Flagler Ave.
Stuart, Florida 34994

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FEMA Grants

• CAPTEC received the grant funding for Martin County, the City of Port St. Lucie, and the Town of Sewall’s Point for flood protection enhancement projects.

• The eligible projects were listed on the Local Mitigation Strategy Program.

• Projects include major control structure improvements and conveyance modifications to improve flood protection for local neighborhoods.

• Improvements included Bridge and Sea Wall replacements.


House Raising Grants

• CAPTEC prepared applications for Martin County's St. Lucie Settlement neighborhood which received funds and completed the elevating of up to 15 homes and for the Town of Sewall’s Point which is planned to receive funding for the elevating of over 15 existing homes in their coastal community.

• The funding for raising over 12 houses in the Town of Sewall's Point is estimated to cost of over $4 Million.